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Update #2

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Released 9 September 2017

Press Release (September 9, 2017) Update #2

Kingston, Jamaica  – Update

The Salvation Army facility in Turks and Caicos is badly damaged, however Captain Derrick Miller, the officer in charge of the Turks and Caicos operations is in the process of organizing food and water and obtaining tarpaulins to help with shelter.

The Salvation Army in the Bahamas is operational in both Freeport and Nassau.  


The Divisional Headquarters has preemptively restocked its food pantry with emergency supplies to give rapid response to residents of the islands impacted by the hurricane.

Haiti is dealing with flooding in specific regions and The Salvation Army Haiti Division is mobilizing response to affected areas.

The Salvation Army is working with local governments in the assessment of damage, and developing service delivery and recovery planning throughout the region.

The Salvation Army International Headquarters will work with The Caribbean Territory in supporting the ongoing relief effort.


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