Candidates and Future Officers Fellowship


Greetings from the Territorial Candidates Secretary

Dear friends:

 In our world today there is much spiritual dissolution, emotional anguish and suffering.  Perhaps you have heard God speaking to you for many years or just this moment.  Just as Jesus called his disciples, he is calling you to full-time service in the Salvation Army as an Officer/Pastor. 

God calls Salvation Army Officers, Christian men and women, who can change lives, bring hope and healing.  Here is your opportunity to respond to the needs of humanity and fill that emptiness within your heart as you answer to God's call.  You are called to share the Good News of salvation, do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Do not put off your decision to serve.  Your talents, professional skills and other significant abilities can be used by God.  If you would like further information about becoming an officer, please visit our site - the "Contact Us" section.  You may contact us at the address at the right or any other The Salvation Army in your area or country.

Women's Ministries Team



Major Edelin Suprè
Territorial Youth & Candidates Secretary