All in for CariMI 2018!

This year over one hundred talented persons have come together with  a common aim to surrender All to Jesus, using the theme “All In” taken from Colossians 3:17(NIV) "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him”.

Local and international music and creative arts leaders were fully engaged alongside eighty delegates representing 14 out of the 16 countries that comprise the territory.

Almost two decades after the first Caribbean Music Institute (CariMI) was held in 1999 in Jamaica, with delegates from three countries under the leadership of the then music Director the late Steve Diaz and then Territorial Youth and Candidates Secretary Major Colleen Michaud; last August Youth around the territory came to celebrate their talents and arts and also to reinforce their potentiality to bring All In for Jesus while launching the twentieth anniversary of CariMI.  

The project was strongly supported by the USA Central Territory with a team of five members in attendance which was led by Dr. Harold Burgmayer, Territorial Music and Gospel Arts Secretary.

The 2018 Music Institute started on Friday, August 10 to 20th at the School for the Blind facility on The Salvation Army compound in Kingston Jamaica.  The first noticing highlight was the March of Witness and open-air meeting on the first Sunday evening which attracted lots of witnesses; under a beautiful sunshine and with eager to spread the word, every delegate and faculty member was in their uniform marching the street to the open-air behind the band with flags of different countries floating the air. Many were touched by the witnessing and spontaneous singing and dancing that erupted the street including the Francis Ham residence as everyone marched out to the Open air and back to the compound where the young people extended their praise.

Every day was filled with high-intensity classes and rehearsal times for three bands, two choruses and a number of electives, including a media class led by Bill Luhn and Alberto Rapley members of the USA team who produced a number of enjoyable CariMI-TV videos.

The evening’s programs featured: cultural expression night, talent show and a faculty program featuring the CariMI band, solo artists including Band Master Beth Malovance and Reverent Paul Henry. There was a presentation of videos and history of past Caribbean Band Masters and Songsters Leaders such as the late John Mills, Lynette Case from Jamaica, Isaac Bradford from Guyana, Alfred Lewis from Antigua by Band Master Janett. Presentations of awards of appreciation were made to or on behalf of  Band Masters Janett Ismay, Richelieu Lopez from Haiti, retired Songster leader Veronica Reynolds Jamaica, Band Masters Richard Sands from the Bahamas, Ralph Worrell from Barbados past Band Master from  Kingston Central Patrick Holness now in the U.S.A. Central Territory.

There were presentations and video salutes from past Central Territory heroes of CariMI: Colonel Dennis Phillips (then Caribbean Territorial Commander) who initiated the concept with the Central Territory as a cooperative effort for an initial five years commitment. Award presentations were made in remembrance of the late Steve Diaz, an original CariMI staff member who returned to the Caribbean and served in many ministries, and on behalf of Bandmaster William Himes the then the Central territorial music and gospel arts secretary who contributed greatly to the Caribbean Institutes. Major Colleen Michaud was also honored with an award as the TYS when the first CariMI was held. Local Band Masters Hascal Johnson and Ivan Ward were awarded for service given as Band Masters since the inception of CariMI to date. The top students were from:

  1. Haiti division: Most Oustanding Student (William Himes Award)  Zetrenne Caleb
  2. Bahamas division: Leadership  Award (ColonelDennis Phillips)  Glyndell Josey
  3. Trinidad and Tobago division: Territorial Commander’s award most improved  student  Patrina Byfield

The two firsts awardees have great hope of getting an international scholarship for CMI in Chicago for 2019 if VISAs will not be a problem. The third is a full scholarship for CariMI 2020.

There was also a time of fun and fellowship as the young people were taken to Boston Bay Beach Complex to explore the beauty of Jamaica and enjoy some Jamaican jerk food.

The Territorial Leaders Commissioners Devon and Verona Haughton, the Chief Secretary and His wife Lt. Colonels Paul and Janine Main the Program Secretary and the Territorial Youth Secretary Lt. Colonel Emmanuel and Edeline Supré along with the CariMI Chaplain Reverent Paul Henry and all the faculty members played a vital role in ministering to the delegates and encouraging them to go and do something in their division and district; and to do all in the name of Jesus. All delegates have placed their fingerprint on the “ALL IN” banner during the altar call on the first Sunday as a sign that they agree to be involved in the work of saving lives with their God-given talents.

At the end of the ten days, all delegates and staff have signed a covenant card to go and do all in the name of Jesus.  Five young persons have answered the call for officership. In the evaluation form, they were asked what they will do to improve the Music and Creative Arts in their division or unit. Most of them have identified the area that they will be helping or improve. Anyone could see in these young people the determination and enthusiasm saying “I am all in for Jesus”.  As the theme chorus says “No more fighting no more playing all my talents I give them unto you”. It was a time of learning with Fun, Fellowship with deep conviction that God needs ALL we can be.

Photos from the event can be found at