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To support The Salvation Army's relief efforts in the Caribbean, please direct your contributions to The Salvation Army, 3 Waterloo Road, PO Box 378, Kingston 10, Jamaica, WI - Attention: Emergency Disaster Services or direct the funds to the following…

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The Salvation Army Donation Account (Savings) 

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The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd

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The Corner of Duke & Port Royal Street Kingston CSO



The Salvation Army on TCI moves from feeding to distribution of relief supplies

October 4, 2017

(Turks and Caicos Islands) – The Salvation Army's initial response was to provide meals, this phase began immediately after the passage of hurricane Irma on September 8th and ended on September 27th. During that time The Salvation Army (TSA) distributed over 15,000 meals. As conditions permitted they also became involved in the distribution of relief supplies to those in the 5 Cays area. To date, TSA has organized three large distributions of supplies in 5 Cays. In addition to this the Army has arranged for a shipment of relief supplies to be flown to each of South Caicos, Middle Caicos and North Caicos. These islands were even more devastated than Providenciales.

On Thursday September 28th the Salvation Army began operations at 10,000 square foot warehouse. In addition to supplies directed to the Salvation Army for its relief efforts their warehouse personnel are receiving and processing supplies for UNICEF, HOPE FOR HAITI and other agencies. On Thursday evening 3 truckloads of supplies received at the warehouse, Before Friday noon another 3 truckloads and a 40-foot container of relief supplies had arrived at the warehouse.

In addition to the current efforts to provide immediate assistance, there is a need to begin looking for means to assist in rebuilding some of the many small homes that were destroyed.






The Salvation Army in Antigua is assisting one of the latest islands devastated
Release Date: September 26, 2017

(St. John’s, Antigua) – The Salvation Army (TSA) in Antigua sent food and cleaning items to Dominica on September 25, 2017 to assist with the situation there following hurricane Maria's impact.

TSA Advisory Board Member there arranged for the items to be air freighted allowing the opportunity to extend relief efforts to the neighboring Island of Dominica.

The Antigua Government has promised to accommodate Dominicans who wish to take temporary shelter in Antigua. TSA Antigua will keep monitoring the situation and stands ready to assist in any practical way possible. ###




Commissioners Mark & Sharon Tillsley visiting French Guiana -Soldiers Rally Fabulous evening in French Guiana Amazing talent and vibrant Salvation Army.




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