MAKING a difference in MANDEVILLE

The Salvation Army on  February 16, 2022, under the management of Lts- Junior and Roselyn St. Cyr Corps Officers and their team including CSM Mrs. Loretta Butler and CS Mrs. Hazel White. 

With crops such as Tomatos, cucumbers, sweet peppers, yam, sweet potato, red peas and corn, the land is rich and fertile tilled by the competent Lt. Junior continues to produce bountiful harvests of crops.

The good Lt Junior has taken a ‘no-nonsense hands-on’ approach to this project and explains that a huge percentage of the produce is used in the community, especially among the many single-parent families and homeless people the Corps supports as part of their social program.

When contacted Major Boyeke Nana Agyemang The Divisional Commander Eastern Jamaica spoke very highly of the young hardworking officers stationed in Mandeville and the wonderful things happening there. He is also quite hopeful that other officers especially those in rural communities would contact The Salvation Army Projects Department and take advantage of opportunities of this nature.



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