Youth Ministries

Ministry and Aim

The Salvation Army youth ministries have been in operation for over 130 years in the Caribbean Territory. They are committed to provide safe and secure environments for every child and young person we work with.  In these ministries, emphasis is placed on activities that encourage character and life skills development. Through mentoring and education, children, teens, and adolescents are shown the possibility of a better life and those at risk or disadvantaged can envision and pursue better futures.

With special sponsorship program and educational institutions, The Salvation Army in the Caribbean gives young persons a chance to experience educational enrichment, life skills development, and spiritual and physical wellness.

Our aim is to give youth a helping hand so that they may become more independent and able to gain a greater level of control over their lives to fulfil Gods’ purpose.

We also help our youth discover their full potential as they make the decision to serve God and their fellow men by getting them involved in ministries once they are willing and ready to serve.

Programs and Activities

Our youth programs empower young persons in general and special attention is given to those who are struggling with life challenges including unemployment, lack of direction and lack of self-esteem. We help them to turn around by building solid foundations.   Our corps (churches) and community centres offer religious and character-building programs that include:  Sunday school, bible study, discipleship classes, Youth Fellowship, uniform groups, music classes, athletics and sporting events, arts and crafts, camping, and more.

Most of our beneficiaries are from the inner–city. Many have not been given the opportunity to participate in such programs besides what is offered by The Salvation Army. Many would have never had the chance to play a musical instrument, to make crafts, or to play competitive games in a protected environment if it were not at The Salvation Army.

We have special youth groups, adventure-based learning and faith-based programs to provide valuable social and leadership development opportunities for our young people in diverse places across the territory. We also help parents and caregivers so that they can be the best possible influence in their children's lives by organizing parenting groups and workshops regularly.

We also connect youth with youth through our gatherings at camps; music institutes (CARIMI ) and youth conferences and even connect them to a broader connection to The Salvation Army through international youth activities.

Youth Loving Outreach Ministries

The YLOM is a new initiative from the women’s ministries to get young people involved more in volunteering and helping the communities around them, providing individuals and families with food parcels, clothing, caring for the vulnerable and giving spiritual guidance at every opportunity to direct people to Christ.

Services and Accommodation

Budgeting advice, life skills, vocational training, parenting courses, social work and youth development, as well as homes for children, are available across many countries in the territory to assist our working young women and those who are studying away from home, such as the Josephine Shaw House in Trinidad and the Evangeline residence in Jamaica. Provision is also made for those who may be victims of abuse or human trafficking in certain places.

Rehabilitation for young men who have substance addiction is in place in various divisions as well, with great result.

Call for Ministry in the Caribbean Region

Opportunity for employment and full-time ministry in the organization is also a great choice for the youth of our Territory. Young people are profoundly encouraged to serve God so that they can give Him their best, as Paul encouraged Timothy.

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.1 Timothy 4: 12”

Please contact your local Salvation Army for information on youth programs and services opportunity available in your area and feel free to be part of God raised Army as we mobilize to evangelize our territory and the world.

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