06 November 2018

Twenty delegates from across the Caribbean region, the Secretary for Personnel, Lieut. Colonel Rosemarie Brown, who was also the coordinator for this event and our Territorial Leaders, Commissioners Devon and Verona Haughton, took flight and then marched to the grounds of Star Lake Conference Center in Bloomindale New Jersey in the USA Eastern Territory for Brengle Memorial Institute 2018 for the Caribbean Territory.

As people met with each other, both joy of seeing colleagues in some cases after a number of years and great expectancy of a life changing Holy Ghost filled event was seen and expressed. July 13th has arrived and there was great anticipation for a wonderful ten days ahead.

The purpose of this Institute was clear; it was to further train Officers to consistently grow in holiness which will positively impact their everyday walk with God and serve their fellow men and women. This objective would be surely met with three guests joining us to facilitate the Institute; Colonel Richard Munn, the Territorial Secretary for Theology and Christian Ethics in the USA Eastern Territory, and Majors David and Beth Pearo, who are appointed in the Pastoral Services Department in the Canada & Bermuda Territory. With the theme “Living holy in an unholy world” and the theme song “The Potters hand”, we were in for a mighty, transforming move of The Holy Spirit.

Five days took the same format where we were soaked with divine teachings from each session; morning devotions, doctrine, practical holiness and spiritual formation classes, book discussion and “this is my story” sessions.

Various delegates were chosen to conduct devotions. This was interesting in that we sang and prayed in three languages; English, French and Dutch. These devotions set a wonderful tone for the rest of these days.

Colonel Richard Munn was responsible for Doctrine classes. He expounded on history as we looked at Wesleyan Doctrine and with visuals and songs, this led to our Doctrines especially the Doctrine of holiness, Doctrine 10. The presentations provoked keen interest in the asking of questions and various statements that added value to the sessions.

Major David Pearo was responsible for Practical Holiness sessions. He dealt with various topics based out of the book of 1st Peter. The sessions lived up to its name “practical” especially the session that dealt with submission. Lively participation was so evident in these sessions that discussion continued after the sessions were over.

Major Beth Pearo was responsible for Spiritual Formation sessions. These were challenging given the time of the day they came and the nature of the sessions. They were reflective but thought provoking. We rediscovered the art of listening as an inspirational song or Scripture was read. Some of the Spiritual Formation that was taught in theory and practice were breath prayers, Lecto Divina and Visio Divina. The Visio Divina was a very suitable end to these sessions as each person looked at a beautiful piece of sacred art and received their special spiritual message.

For book discussion, four delegates were chosen as group leaders and four groups were formed. We looked at the book “It is Written” by the late General Bramwell H. Tilllsley and focused on the section where there were descriptions of the twelve disciples of Jesus; what we learn about and from them.

This is my story sessions were when all the delegates got to express themselves in testifying about their experience along the journey, their greatest trial, failure and success. After each session prayer was offered for each person that testified.

Other days took on a different schedule as we visited Montclair Corps and joined in the Holiness Meeting and fellowship afterwards. It was a great time of interaction with members of the Corps.

We also had the privilege another day to visit and tour the USA Eastern Territorial Headquarters and Heritage Center and Evangeline Booth College for Officers Training in New York. During that time, opportunity was given for mall shopping, and we enjoyed a wonderful fellowship dinner. The International Secretary and Zonal Secretary for Women’s Ministries for the Americas and Caribbean Zone, Commissioners Mark and Sharon Tillsley; the Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries in the USA Eastern Territory Colonels Kenneth and Paula Johnson; and Colonel Janet Munn Training Principal for Evangeline Booth College for Officers Training graced us with their presence at the fellowship dinner.

Another day was free time after devotions and our last full day was an internal Holiness Meeting and a Covenant Service where each one rededicated their lives to the Holy Spirit to be sanctified again for mission.

The care and generosity of the management and staff of Star Lake Conference Center was remarkable and was greatly appreciated. They contributed to the overall great experience at the Caribbean Territory’s Brengle Memorial Institute 2018.

Departure was on July 23rd, 2018 in humble reflection of the rich time of meeting with the Holy Spirit and each other. As each person departed, their soul was baptized with heavenly energy!  



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